Helping professionals connect and convert their referred clients.

BiP Referrals is a platform designed to let connected professionals send and receive Peer-to-Peer referrals and automates the initial client engagement to help them connect with clients and convert them into paying customers.

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What are we all about?

We are all about helping professionals connect with and convert the clients that have been referred to them. Most professionals are aware that referrals are the best way to generate new business. Referred clients have much higher intent, extremely low marketing costs, and are much more likely to convert to being a paying customer. Our goal is to help our professionals connect with and convert as many referred clients as possible.

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Our Platform

Sending & Receiving Referrals

We make it extremely easy to send referrals through our system

  • 1. Open the BiP Referral App
  • 2. Select the Professional you want to refer
  • 3. Enter in the client’s name and phone number (or email)
  • 4. Hit Send
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Automated Client Engagement

Once a referral is made our automation kicks in.

The client receives an automated text (or email) containing:

  • A welcome message
  • A link to the professionals BiP Referrals Profile page with custom Call-To-Actions (how you want them to connect).
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Profile Page & Custom Calls-To-Action

The profile page let’s our professionals introduce themselves and the products/services they provide. Most importantly the customizable Calls-To-Action helps our professionals list the best ways to contact them.

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Connecting with other professionals and referral partners.

To avoid spam our professionals must be connected to the people sending them referrals.

Referral Partner accounts are 100% free (so you can sign up all your family & friends)

To Add someone to your network just enter in their name and email and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Tracking referrals

We make it easy for you to track your referrals, update a referral status, and leave comments.

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